Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Congress Approves Appropriations for Key DOJ Second Chance Act Programs

According to the Reentry Policy Council, in the fiscal year 2010, the omnibus bill (H.R.3288) appropriates $114 million for prisoner reentry programs in the Department of Justice, including $14 million for reentry initiatives in the Federal Bureau of Prisons and $100 million for Second Chance Act grant programs including:

  • 37 million for reentry demonstration projects under Sec. 101 of the Second Chance Act
  • $15 million for mentoring grants to nonprofit organizations under Sec. 211
  • $10 million for reentry courts under Sec. 111
  • $2.5 million for grants to evaluate and improve education in prisons, jails, and juvenile facilities under Sec. 114
  • $5 million for technology careers training demonstration grants under Sec. 115
  • $13 million for reentry substance abuse and criminal justice collaboration under Sec. 201
  • $10 million for reentry research under Sec. 245
For more information visit the National Reentry Resource Center.

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