Monday, May 3, 2010

PolicyLink Launches the Promise Neighborhoods Institute

Following the Department of Education’s release of the RFP for Promise Neighborhoods, PolicyLink has launched the Promise Neighborhoods Institute (PNI).

According to the PNI website-
The Institute offers tools, information, and strategies to assist any community interested in participating in the U.S. Department of Education’s Promise Neighborhoods program. The Institute will provide technical support for planning, identifying quality approaches, building partnerships, assessing needs, and many more essentials for successfully responding to the federal Promise Neighborhoods application.

The resources page of the website also includes the joint paper produced by Policylink, CSSP, the Harlem Children’s Zone and ChildTrends entitled Focusing on Results in Promise Neighborhoods Recommendations for the Federal Initiative. In the paper, we asserted that pursuing results allows for collaboration amongst multiple stakeholders that is focused on common goals, enables us to target communities in need, ensures data driven assessments of programs, and drives a commitment to achieving positive outcomes.

Check out our recent blog post, Focusing on Results in Promise Neighborhoods for more information.

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