Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who's Applying for Promise Neighborhoods?

The Department of Education just released the list of applicants who submitted a Notice of Intent to Apply for the Promise Neighborhoods planning grant by May 21, 2010.  The full list, organized by city, can be viewed here. Please note that those planning to submit a planning grant application were not required to submit this notice of intent. Further, those who did submit a notice of intent are not required to then submit a grant application.

A total of 941intents were received. Of these:
- 668 Absolute Priority 1
- 170 Absolute Priority 2 (Rural)
- 48   Absolute Priority 3 (Tribal)
- 55   unspecified

The list has not been screened for eligibility and so should be considered for information only. The list can be useful in helping those who will be submitting applications or who are considering applying for grants in the future to identify potential partners. Knowing who the key players are at the local level will be extrememly important, particularly in building your capacity to meet the planning grant requirement of tracking local, state and federal policy that might impact your neighborhood level work.

Please remember to check the Department's Promise Neighborhoods webpage often. The Department has submitted a third update to the FAQs and FAQs Addendum.

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