Friday, July 9, 2010

Supporting Inclusive and Sustainable Communities

For HUD, sustainability means tying the quality and location of housing to broader opportunities, like access to good jobs, quality schools, and safe streets. It means helping communities that face common problems start sharing solutions. It means being a partner to sustainable development, not a barrier. ~Secretary Shaun Donovan, HUD

As part of President Obama’s urban and metropolitan agenda, the Sustainable Communities Initiative has been hailed as a groundbreaking opportunity to help communities both shape and implement their futures. With $100 million in available funding for the Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant, the initiative seeks to empower jurisdictions to think about the interdependent challenges of social equity, access to opportunity, economic competitiveness and revitalization, and environmental impact. For communities that have already been addressing the links between transit, employment, high transportation and housing costs and its’ impact on low-income families, the available funding is a chance to expand on this vital work. Many of our sites, in particular, have already completed a community planning process and will have an additional advantage when applying for this funding opportunity.

For more on the Sustainable Communities Initiative and its’ implications for communities click here.

The Sustainable Communities Planning Grant Notice Inviting Applications, HUD

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