Monday, August 16, 2010

Nonprofit Capacity Building Program Awards Announced

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) recently announced the grantees of the Nonprofit Capacity Building Program, a new program authorized by the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act that was created to “increase the capacity of nonprofits to improve lives in communities facing economic hardships.” The two-year grants, totaling $1 million, were awarded to five intermediary organizations “to build and implement performance management systems to help achieve greater results for nonprofits in diverse communities.” The grantees will provide small and mid-size nonprofits with performance management tools and resources that help them deliver and demonstrate results. The grantees are:
  • The Arizona Community Foundation ($220,000; 2 year grant) will work with partner organizations to provide performance management training and technical assistance for select nonprofits that aid working families in building and sustaining financial health in counties and reservations across the state of Arizona.  
  • Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston ($220,000; 2 year grant) will work with partner organizations to help build the performance management capacity of nonprofits that improve education and financial outcomes for low-income youth ages 12-24 by providing them with job search, job readiness and other skills trainings.  
  • The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits ($200,000; 2 year grant) will work with partner organizations to provide nonprofits that serve the educational, financial and health needs of Minnesotans with performance management coaching and technical assistance.  
  • The United Way of the Bay Area ($200,000; 2 year grant) will build the performance management and evaluation capacity of nonprofit organizations that advance economic opportunity in high-poverty communities across the Bay Area. Technical assistance will focus on measuring client outcomes in debt reduction and income and asset building. 
  • The University of Central Florida ($160,000; 2 year grant) will provide nonprofit organizations that focus on education, economic opportunity and health in central Florida with a range of services that include training and technical assistance, counseling, and computerization of the performance management process.

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