Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Budget Conscious Policy Solutions to Achieve Results for Kids and Families

The 2010 elections brought historic changes in government and a window of opportunity to reshape public policy, focus on critical issues and achieve results for children and families. The Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) has developed a series of policy briefs to help state policymakers carry out their responsibilities effectively in the current economic climate. Available on, a tool of CSSP's results-based public policy initiative, this fact sheet series provides research-based, budget-conscious strategies in the context of sluggish tax revenues and a safety net strained by the newly unemployed.

These briefs concentrate on:

• How to set a state’s economy in the right direction, now and for the future

• Responsible investments in family economic success, healthy child development, education and job training

• Proven policies that are economical or supported through federal funding

Communities will find these resources helpful in making the case for policies that are well aligned with community needs and the strategies we know are critical to success. The fact sheets focus on the following policy areas:

· Employment

· Working Families

· Effective Government

· Education

· Grade-Level Reading

· Childhood Obesity

· Teen Pregnancy

· Juvenile Justice

· Child Welfare

Please click here to access these resources.

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