Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Institute for Comprehensive Community Development Introduces New Journal

The Institute for Comprehensive Community Development (ICCD) launched a new community development Journal. According to ICCD, the Journal will serve as a way to communicate theory and practice in the field, share lessons of research and evaluation and  provide a forum for robust debate around community change. “The Journal will be the go-to place to learn and think about what it takes to transform neighborhoods in America,” says Andrew Mooney, publisher of the Journal.

This month’s Journal features a number of exciting articles and reviews from the field including “Lessons and Challenges from Two Decades of Community Change Efforts,” a reprint of an Aspen Institute evaluation of 48 initiatives that embraced comprehensive community change, by Anne C. Kubisch, Patricia Auspos, Prudence Brown, and Tom Dewar. This resource provides vital insights on best practices and challenges from twenty years of local practice.

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