Friday, January 7, 2011

How to Engage Business Partners in Workforce Development

Corporate Voices for Working Families and United Way Worldwide recently released Supporting the Education Pipeline: A Business Engagement Toolkit for Community-Based Organizations, a toolkit for communities to engage business partners in improving results for young people. As the US economy has become increasingly knowledge-centered, we know that education and skills training are critical to ensuring the economic wellbeing of families. Many communities are creatively using public and private resources as well as local partnerships to address these issues.  In particular, business partners play a significant role in supporting and sustaining these efforts to secure quality education and economic opportunities for children and families.

The toolkit offers  guidance and examples of how communities can:
  • identify business leaders who will support efforts
  • educate business leaders about the needs in the community
  • persuade business leaders to become involved
  • activate business leaders in efforts

Community leaders may also visit the companion website to the toolkit which was created as a resource to house background research, tools used by peers in the field, protocols to help implement business engagement efforts, and case studies to illustrate the successes and lessons learned by others in the field.

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