Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New on PolicyforResults.org: Preventing Childhood Obesity

In the last four decades, the rate of childhood obesity has grown significantly for children in every age group. Obese children experience a range of serious consequences that affect not only their health but their success in school and ability to grow into successful, productive adults.  As a part of its commitment to ensuring that children are healthy and prepared to succeed in school, the Center for the Study of Social Policy has developed a new section on PolicyforResults that focuses specifically on preventing childhood obesity. In addition to facts about the issue, the new section includes strategies by which states can prevent childhood obesity.These strategies are: 
  • Incentivize private groceries moving into underserved communities.
  • Provide tax credits to other retailers for offering fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Provide state funding for farmers markets.
  • Support local food policies.
  • Increase school wellness standards. 
  • Increase physical education.
  • Increase nutrition education.
  • Support Farm to School initiatives.
  • Implement Safe Routes to School Initiatives (SRTs) 
  • Support transit-oriented development.
  • Support Complete Street Policies.
  • Support state parks
Although PolicyforResults specifically targets policy-makers, communities also play a vital role in the effort to  prevent childhood obesity in America. These strategies are, in fact, solutions that communities should advocate for and seek to implement in their neighborhoods. For more information please visit policyforresults.org.

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