Friday, March 4, 2011

Budget Update - Two Week Extension and House/Senate Proposals

As an update, on March 3rd H.J.Res 44 was signed by the President, providing an extension of federal funding through March 18. The resolution contained $4 billion dollars in budget cuts and eliminated earmarks. Eight grant programs totaling $1.24 billion were cut, many of which were proposed for elimination in the President's prior budget proposals. They include several department of education grants: 
  • Striving Readers program (U.S. Department of Education), saving $250 million
  • LEAP program (U.S Department of Education), saving $64 million.  
  • Even Start (U.S. Department of Education), saving $66 million.  
  • Smaller Learning Communities (U.S. Department of Education), saving $88 million 
The full text of the resolution can be found here.

Congress will continue to work through the budget proposals now on the table. Recall that on February 11, House Republicans crafted a CR containing spending reductions that would cover the rest of the fiscal year and amount to $100 billion below the President’s proposed FY 2011 budget. This proposal zeroes out many of the programs that are critical to communities trying to improve outcomes for children and families. Several organizations are advocating for alternatives, and we will keep you updated as the budget process progresses. For more information on the House's current proposal, please see:

A Better Buddget for All: Saving Our Economy and Helping Those in Need, Coalition on Human Needs

House Bill Means Fewer Children in Head Start, Less Help for Students to Attend College, Less Job Training, and Less Funding for Clean Water, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

**As an update, on March 4, Senate democrats introduced their plan for keeping the federal government funded through September which includes $6.5 billion in funding cuts. Their proposal includes $20 million for Promise Neighborhoods. Full information on the Senate proposal can be accesed here.

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