Monday, June 27, 2011

New Web Tool for Education Budget Analysis at the National and District Level

The New America Foundation's Education Policy Program released the latest version of Federal Education Budget Project (FEBP), a website that provides information on K-12 and higher education funding, demographics, and outcomes.

According to their announcement, newly released data include:
• Allocations and disbursements of federal grants and loans such as Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, Grad PLUS Loans, Work-Study, and Perkins Loans;
• Average grant and loan awards and student participation rates in aid programs;
• Graduation rates, retention rates, student loan default rates, and student loan repayment rates; and
• Tuition and fees, including average net price after financial aid.

The website also includes recently updated K-12 data for every state and school district in the country, including:

• State and district Title I allocations under the recently finalized fiscal year 2011 appropriations;
• State IDEA, Impact Aid, School Nutrition, and Education Jobs Fund allocations; and
• State and school district per pupil expenditure and demographic data for 2009.

Additionally, the site provides background and analysis on major federal education programs, national rankings maps and analysis, policy papers and issue briefs.

Communities working to improve educational outcomes will find this a helpful resource for tracking how resources are flowing into schools.

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