Friday, July 29, 2011

Strong Response to the 2011 Promise Neighborhood Grant Competition

The Promise Neighborhood grant competition is in full swing and has sparked incredible interest in communities throughout the nation. The Department of Education (DOE) has released a list of the Promise Neighborhood Grant applicants who submitted the “Intent to Apply.” The extensive list includes a total of 662 applications. A specific breakdown of applicants is as follows:

  • 501 Planning Grant applications (up from 339 in 2010) and 161 Implementation Grant applications
  • Applicant organizations are: 84% Nonprofit, 15% Institutions of Higher Education, >1% Tribal Communities.
  • Applicant organizations are overwhelmingly urban with only 20% serving rural communities and 4% serving tribal communities.
  • Of the applicants identifying Competitive Preference Priorities (CPP), a majority (53%) are addressing the Comprehensive Local Early Learning Network with only 9% addressing Quality Affordable Housing.

For more detailed information on the information submitted by applicants, please click here.

The “Intent to Apply” information submitted by grant applicants will be used to support DOE’s internal planning throughout the grant application process. Please continue to check the Promise Neighborhoods Page – particularly the FAQ section – as DOE will continue to update this page based on information submitted by grant applicants.

Please note that organizations who did not submit the “Intent to Apply” are still eligible to apply for either the Planning or Implementation Grants. Applications are due September 6th.

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