Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Look at the i3 Applicants

The Department of Education recently released data on the applicants applying for the 2011 Investing in Innovation (i3) grants. Last year, 1,698 applicants applied for the $650 million of available funding. This year, with a smaller pool of $150 million available, the number of 2011 applicants has also decreased to 587. Applications came from every state and the District of Columbia and were concentrated in large states, including California, New York and Texas.  Twenty-eight percent of the applications focus on projects to promote science, technology, engineering, and math (also known as STEM); while the rest of the applications are spread almost evenly amongst the other priorities of supporting effective teachers and principals, implementing high quality standards and assessments, turning around low-performing schools and improving achievement and graduation rates in rural districts.  Eighty-one percent of applicants are pursuing a development grant. For a closer look at the 2011 applicants and a comparison with last year, see the EdWeek analysis.

For more information on the applicants, please also visit the DOE data page here.

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