Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Promise Neighborhoods Institute Provides Free Access to Data System

Last week, the Promise Neighborhoods Institute (PNI) announced plans to provide its 38 network members with free access to ETO Software – a data system that will allow the sites to collect, coordinate and communicate the results of their Promise Neighborhood efforts. This data system will enable communities to track and analyze data in real time, which will allow communities to make informed decisions about their daily work and long-term goals. This data system will also be linked to the recently implemented Promise Scorecard, a tool that enables Promise Neighborhoods to track and analyze data in organized formats that can be easily shared with funders and stakeholders.

The Promise Neighborhood Network Communities that will have initial access to the ETO Software include 21 communities that received a 2010 Promise Neighborhood Planning Grant from the Department of Education, as well as 17 communities that were high-scoring Planning Grant applicants. PNI intends to increase access to this data system as more communities are awarded Promise Neighborhoods grants. Together, the ETO Software and the Results Scorecard will ensure that communities have access to their data and are held accountable to the Promise Neighborhood results framework.

According to PNI, free access to the ETO Software will save communities more than $1 million each year. These savings will allow communities to direct more money towards programs, resources and infrastructure projects that are needed achieve positive results for youth and families.

The Promise Neighborhoods Institute is a partnership between the Harlem Children’s Zone, The Center for the Study of Social Policy and PolicyLink. For more information, please click here.

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