Friday, January 20, 2012

New White House Toolkit for Community Partnerships

The White House Council for Community Solutions recently released a new toolkit for communities, the Community Collaboratives Toolbox. This resource provides case studies of community change initiatives across the country and guidance for communities on how to develop collaboratives that are focused on community-wde results. Four tools provided are:

  • “Building or Improving a Community Collaborative – Guidance by Life Cycle Stage”: Describes the five stages of a collaborative’s life, including case studies, a checklist of key activities, and common roadblocks for each stage
  • “Community Collaborative Assessment – A Diagnostic of Success Readiness”: Helps communities evaluate a collaborative’s readiness to implement its action plan in the community
  • “Community Collaboratives Learning Examples: Capacity, Structure, Data and Funding”: Provides examples from successful collaboratives on these four critical success factors.
  • “Community Collaboratives: The Next Generation of Community Participation”: Describes how to generate meaningful community participation, a critical element to community collaborative success.

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