Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bank of America Announces Funding for Local Workforce Development

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation has announced $15 million in funding to support workforce development and educational opportunities that will connect individuals to high quality employment. With communities across the country struggling with high unemployment rates, Bank of American intends to support local programs that will connect unemployed individuals, including young people, to the education and support programs needed to help them gain employment. The funding will support efforts such as job training, community college programs for middle and high school youth, technical assistance for small businesses and nonprofit programs that connect individuals to available job opportunities.

This funding is an opportunity for local nonprofits to receive funding that will support the unique needs of unemployed residents in the local community. With a focus on both youth and adult populations, this funding has the potential to impact a wide range of residents, which can strengthen and impact their own workforce development, as well as the economic recovery of the local community.

Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations. Applications are due July 2. To learn more about this opportunity and how you can apply, please click here.

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