Tuesday, August 28, 2012

HRSA Healthy Tomorrow Partnership for Children Program Grant Now Open

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) announced the availability of $377,021 in grants for the Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program (HTPCP), an initiative aimed to increase the number of community programs that promote access to health care for children, youth and their families nationwide, as well as implement preventive health strategies.

According to HRSA’s call for applications, grant proposals should show how the project will focus on four areas:

1. Development of cost-effective initiatives that increase quality of and access to health services, particularly for vulnerable children;
2. Foster/promote collaboration among community organizations, individuals, agencies, businesses, and families;
3. Involve pediatricians and other pediatric health professionals in community-based service programs; and
4. Build community and statewide partnerships among professionals in health, education, social services, government, and business to achieve self-sustaining programs.

HTPCP is especially interested in technology as a means to increase access to more community members and encourages applicants to integrate technology into their plans.

In FY 2010, funding from this grant served infants, children and youth, including children and youth with special needs, and pregnant and non-pregnant women. The majority of those assisted in 2010 were Hispanic. In FY 2011, funds were used for direct health care services, enabling services, population-based services and infrastructure building services.

Projects are expected to last five years and grantees are required to obtain a matching award of $100,000 from non-federal sources in years two through five of the grant.

Eligible applicants include any public or private entity, including an Indian tribe or tribal organization, which has both direct fiduciary and administrative responsibility over the proposal. It is estimated that eight awards are available (approximately $47,000 per grant, per year); funding is to be used for direct service projects, not research. Applications are due September 21, 2012.

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