Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Healthy Food Access Portal Launches

Recently, PolicyLink, the Food Trust, and the Reinvestment Fund partnered to launch a new website for information related to healthy food access. Dubbed the "Healthy Food Access Portal", this new resource aims to serve as a hub for news, events, funding opportunities, strategies, and case studies of efforts from across the country to improve access to healthy food. The website also provides access to research to help your community make the case, in both health and economic terms, for initiatives that seek to expand the availability of and access to healthy food.

Whether your community is trying to increase the nutritional value of foods offered by your local "corner stores", instituting a "mobile market", or exploring the possibility of enacting policies that can help attract grocery stores and other retailers, the Healthy Food Access Portal can help to provide success stories from similar communities and concrete strategies you can adapt to your local context.

To explore the Healthy Food Access Portal, please go here.

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