Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CFED Webinar: What is Asset Building?

The Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) is hosting a webinar titled What is Asset Building? An organization dedicated to ensuring families have the opportunity to obtain financial security, CFED promotes policies and strategies that empower people to build and protect their savings and assets. According to CFED, 43% of Americans have almost no savings, leaving them at risk of falling into poverty in just three months after losing income due to a job loss or other financial emergencies. This group includes a majority of the 42.2 million people who live below the official income poverty line. The situation is even more troubling when considering the financial security of households of color. Nearly two-thirds (62.6%) of households of color are “liquid asset poor,” making them one job loss or medical emergency away from financial collapse.

As our nation recovers from economic hardship, several communities are considering innovative strategies that can be used to help families – particularly, families that are living in poverty – build the assets needed to achieve financial stability. This webinar will highlight some of these strategies and will specifically explore:
  • Innovative financial products and services, such as rental matched savings and credit-building programs, to prepare clients to build assets
  • Integrated service delivery that bundles business development, information technology and credit repair training and services
  • Client-centered financial security programming that leverages a range of services provided by a single organization 

The presenters will include individuals who are running successful asset-building programs in communities of color, including:
  • Jeff Gilbreath, Executive Director, Hawaiian Community Assets
  • Luis Granados, Executive Director, Mission Economic Development Agency 
  • Courtnee Biscardi, Vice President of Programs & Operations, Urban League of Broward County 

The webinar will take place from 3:30pm-5:00pm on two different dates:

- April 25th (Click here to register)

- April 29th (Click here to register)

To learn more about asset-building information, tools and resources, click here.

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