Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Federal Reserve Launches Online Community Development Portal

The Federal Reserve (Fed) recently launched, an online gateway to community development resources from all 12 Federal Reserve Banks and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. The Fed’s community development work focuses on “promoting economic growth and financial stability in communities across the country, especially those in low- and moderate-income areas.”

Resources are organized into four categories—people, place, practice and small business. The content ranges from research and tools to event information and multimedia resources. For instance, the neighborhood revitalization and stabilization page includes links to an interactive data mapping tool from the Kansas City Fed, national and local foreclosure resources from the Richmond Fed and research reports on topics from urban decline in Rust Belt cities to the subprime crisis in suburbia.

In conjunction with the web launch, a companion report: Federal Reserve Community Development Perspectives: A summary of activities, insights, and future opportunities highlights the Fed’s recent efforts to address barriers to economic growth and promote fair and informed access to financial markets.

To visit the site, go to the On July 10th, a Connecting Communities webinar will discuss the Fed’s community development work and provide insights on promising practices, research and policy issues from around the country.

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