Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Living Cities Improves Usability of Resources

Living Cities works with twenty two of the largest foundations and financial institutions as well as cross-sector leaders in cities "to develop and scale new approaches to dramatically improve the economic well-being of low-income people" through investments, research, networks, and convenings. The organization launched new website upgrades, including a search bar that allows users to easily target their search and access content from the website.

As a resource that aims to create open source space to leverage knowledge sharing for social change, the website provides real-time articles, reports, videos and toolkits from others working on similar issues. New features allow users to shape the conversation and the usage of terms. A user can click on a term framed in an orange ‘definition box’ within the article to clearly define or add context to the terms Living Cities uses to write and talk about their work, allowing for an inclusive community approach to ongoing dialogue. Issues range from concrete to more theoretical topics, from lessons for helping formerly incarcerated Americans access quality jobs to reimagining the civic infrastructure that brings different sectors together to address complex social problems. The variety of resources serve to expand collaboration among organizations working at different levels and areas of social change.

To learn more, visit LivingCities.Org

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