Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Anchor Institution Task Force Annual Conference

The Anchor Institution Task Force (AITF) is a collaborative dedicated to helping communities and anchor institutions - such as universities and hospitals - advance community-institution partnerships that can spark economic and community development efforts. AITF is holding its annual conference November 17-18 in Chicago.

Led by the University of Pennsylvania, AITF’s work is driven by the recognition that strong communities depend on the alignment of resources and policies across institutions, civic government, local organizations and private resources, such as business and philanthropy. With members across the country, AITF functions as a think tank, providing resources and developing strategies that can help communities develop partnerships with anchor institutions.

Engaging government and philanthropy, the Task Force is enhancing anchor institution practices by:
  • Bringing together scholars, university presidents and other leaders in higher education, and practitioners;
  • Increasing cooperation and alignment among government, anchor institutions, businesses, schools, community organizations and philanthropy;
  • Developing strategies to promote interagency government collaboration;
  • Providing tools for anchor institutions to enhance their societal missions, address local needs, as well as strengthen democratic, mutually beneficial partnerships between institutions of higher education, schools, and community based organizations;
  • Providing tools for anchor institutions to help students develop as democratic citizens who are lifelong contributors to communities and the nation’s well-being;
  • Complementing philanthropic strategies to support and strengthen vulnerable communities. 

According to AITF, for example, AITF provided guidance to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on how it can increase its impact and strategically leverage anchor institutions - particularly higher education and medical institutions - to improve communities and help solve urban problems.

Building on its work with government and philanthropy, AITF's annual convening will feature several representatives from universities, foundations and the federal government. Check out AITF to learn more about the Task Force and how you can register for the annual conference.

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