Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Diversitydatakids.org Project Provides Equity-Focused Tool

Diversitydatakids.org, a research project designed by the Brandeis University's Heller School of Social Policy and Management and the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, is the first national information system to take a comprehensive, equity-focused approach to monitor progress toward improved well-being for children of all racial and ethnic groups. Indicators examine several domains, including education, housing, health, policy indicators and more with up to seven geographies and multiple time periods.

Users have the ability to:
  • Query the database of child well-being and policy indicators by topic, by geographic area (national, state, county, metropolitan area, city, or school district) and by race/ethnicity;
  • Display the results of data queries through three website functions: customizable area profile reports, area ranking reports, and thematic maps;
  • Explore maps of child-focused opportunity indices for all neighborhoods in each of the 100 largest metropolitan areas and overlay the child population by race/ethnicity on these contextual maps of neighborhood opportunity;
  • Read equity-focused analyses of selected policy and program areas that are relevant to child wellbeing, for example, Head Start, and coming soon, Child Care Subsidies, Family and Medical Leave, and Housing Subsidies.
  • Read and share our infographics, briefs and reports featuring our rigorous data and policy analysis on issues of child wellbeing and equity.
To learn more, visit the website.

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