Friday, April 16, 2010

ACF Releases New Report on Transitional Jobs

In recent years, there has been much debate over whether or not subsidized employment programs are truly effective in creating long-term job prospects. The Administration for Children and Families(ACF), Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation’s new report on transitional job (TJ) programs sheds new light on the issue by reviewing the evidence on the effectiveness of various subsidized employment models.

As part of the Enhanced Services for the Hard-to-Employ (HtE) Evaluation Project, the report gives a comprehensive description of the origins of transitional job programs which historically have provided temporary wage-paying jobs, support services, and job placement assistance. In addition, the report cites a number of promising outcomes from TJ programs that have been able to operate at scale, create useful work opportunities for disadvantaged people, and lead to a reduction in recidivism among former prisoners. Offering some suggestions regarding the next steps for program design and research, ACF argues that it is important to both test new strategies that produce long-term employment outcomes while continuing to evaluate the goals of current TJ programs.

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