Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Enterprise Green Communities Offers Affordable Green Housing Development Grants

Enterprise Green Communities is offering Charette grants to help communities begin designing affordable, healthy and energy-efficient housing opportunities. Using an integrative approach that encourages engagement from residents, Enterprise seeks to develop housing opportunities that respond to the cultural and economic needs of a community. Charette grants will provide opportunities for affordable housing developers to collaborate with technical experts, funders, community stakeholders and residents during a Green Communities Charette.

Grants are awarded to communities that are interested in either a) rehabilitating residential units or b) constructing new residential units. Communities will be required to utilize a pre-qualified facilitator to begin the Charette process. A list of qualified facilitators can be found on the Charette grant website.
For communities that have already developed green-housing, Sustainability Training Grants are available to help communities implement a training curriculum that will engage residents in adopting a healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis with awards being made each month. Eligible applicants include nonprofits, tribal housing authorities and for-profits that are participating in housing development with another qualified applicant. Grant awards are $5,000 and require communities to provide a 3:1 grant match.

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