Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mutual of America Community Partnership Award Competition

Mutual of America Life Insurance Company has announced their 2013 Community Partnership Award Competition.

Since 1996, the Community Partnership Awards have recognized nonprofit organizations that have facilitated partnerships with public, private or social sector leaders in an effort to address pressing challenges in communities throughout the nation. Working together as equal partners - not as donors and recipients – the Community Partnership Awards highlight partnerships that have built a cohesive community that serves as a model for collaboration for the greater good. To honor these partnerships, each year Mutual of America awards $25,000 to the nonprofit organizations leading exemplary partnerships. In addition, a video of the award winner's project will be produced, featuring the principals involved and explaining the program in detail.

Since the creation of the program in 1996, Mutual of America has recognized over 170 partnerships through the Community Partnership Awards. In 2012, College Bound Dorchester – a Boston-based nonprofit organization – has provided a continuum of educational support and academic assistance that begin in preschool and continue through college in an effort to ensure that higher education is a possibility for kids and families in the Dorchester community. College Bound Dorchester has partnered with Bunker Hill Community College and uAspire to help students re-engage with their education, earn their GED and prepare for college through various levels of support that include academic coursework, mentoring, job coaching and assistance with finding an affordable path to post-secondary education without the burden of private loans.

To apply for the 2013 Community Partnership Awards, nonprofit organization applicants must demonstrate the difference the partnership has made in addressing local challenges, show the ability of the partnership to be replicated and to stimulate new ideas in addressing social issues, as well as illustrate the partnership's commitment to advancing the mission and principles of the organization. Applications are due April 1, 2013. Click here to learn more about the Community Partnership Awards and the application process.

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