Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kellogg Foundation Launches New Racial Equity Resource Guide

A new racial equity resource guide has been released by The W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s American Healing campaign. It aims to raise awareness around the implicit biases that often lead to disproportionate outcomes for communities of color and enhances efforts to achieve racial healing. The guide will allow organizations interested in racial justice to build and customize their own toolkit.

Issues of race equity are integral to community change efforts that seek to achieve better results for children and families in persistently distressed neighborhoods. These neighborhoods often have experienced racial segregation that severely limits opportunities and have a history of low or poorly targeted investments from the public and private sectors.

The Kellogg Foundation’s racial equity guide provides community change practitioners and other allies a “web-based, interactive solution that provides access to extensive learning materials and data on racial inequities, their impact on communities of color and the process for healing racial wounds.” The resource guide combines technological creativity with the latest knowledge and research on dismantling structural and interpersonal racism.

Kellogg’s racial equity resource webpage includes resources in the following areas:
  • Media and Communications: The media and communications section of the resource guide offers direction on how to work towards racial justice through traditional and social media. This resource also provides guidance on how to engage media related organizations.
  • Racial Healing: The racial healing section offers a variety of useful tools to advance one’s understanding of racial reconciliation and justice. It provides a comprehensive display of resources, background information and training curricula geared towards achieving racial healing. 
  • Research for Action: In the Research for Action section of the resource guide, there are a variety of topics and related resources aimed at helping the field to develop the research and data needed to address information gaps in topics ranging from race relations to systemic inequities. 
  • Organizational Alliances: This section of the guide allows users to locate peer and ally organizations, a useful process for building organizational capacity and developing partnerships. 

The Kellogg Foundation launched their American Healing campaign in 2010 as a strategy for achieving racial equity. This effort seeks to intentionally confront racial and structural inequalities as a mechanism for racial healing. The racial equity resource guide is the next phase of the Kellogg Foundation’s American Healing effort and can be found here.

Post by Jonathan Lykes

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