Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Promise Neighborhoods Effective Practice Briefs Series Continues

Earlier this spring the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink (PNI) released the latest in a set of briefs, prepared by the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP), which is a PNI partner, describing the work taking place in Promise Neighborhoods communities around the nation. Entitled "Building the Pipeline: Effective Practice Briefs," the series offers guidance to communities that are embracing the Promise Neighborhoods vision and working to build a cradle-to-college-to-career pipeline of programs, services and supports to help ensure all children and youth are healthy, academically prepared, and ready for professional success. Cheryl Rogers, a senior consultant to CSSP, has served as the sole or lead author for each of the briefs released to date.

The three briefs in the series cover the following topics of interest to Promise Neighborhoods and similar community change efforts:
  • Helping Students in Under-Performing Schools - This brief, the first in the series, explores the work of the Harlem Children's Zone, which served as the inspiration for the Promise Neighborhoods approach, to ensure all children are successful in school and ready to complete college.
  • Early Childhood Solutions Launched in Promise Neighborhoods Implementation Sites in Year 1 - This paper documents the work that the first five federal Promise Neighborhoods implementation grantees completed during calendar year 2012, the first year of their five-year grant, with respect to building out the early childhood piece of their cradle-to-college-to-career pipelines.
  • Education Success Strategies Launched in Promise Neighborhoods Implementation Sites in Year 1 - This latest addition to the series, released in March, focuses on the work to help ensure the academic success of their children and young people that the first cohort of federal Promise Neighborhoods implementation grantees undertook in 2012.
To check out these briefs, as well as a host of other great resources to support the Promise Neighborhoods vision in your community, check out PNI's website here.

Stay tuned to our blog in the coming weeks as we take a deeper look at each of the briefs in the series and share highlights. For more information related to Promise Neighborhoods, please check out our past blog posts here.

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